On Tuesday 6th August MEG took delivery of about 600 plants from the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre.

Seeds from local indigenous plants are collected by local environmental groups & forwarded to the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre where they are germinated and grown by women in the Centre under the direction of teacher Judy Allen (of Kangan Institute) and Helen Scott (Dept of Corrections). The Dame Phyllis Frost Centre has initiated an innovative project for growing native plants for the purposes of restoration of the natural environment as part of a horticulture course under the Kangan Institute.


The Dame Phyllis Frost Centre has supplied plants to several local environment groups for restoration of the local natural environmental. These plants will be planted at Arnolds Creek, as part of the Arnolds Creek Biolink Project. This project is a partnership between Melton Environment Group, City of Melton, Melbourne Water & residents of Brookfield Lifestyle Retirement Village; and aims to create a wildlife corridor along Arnolds Creek, through Melton.

Many thanks to Judy Allen, Helen Scott and the women of the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre. Hopefully skills & qualifications learned here should help the women find careers later in their lives.

Plants included:

  • Achaena novaezealandiae 200
  • Stipa scabra 200
  • Wahlenbergia communis 25
  • Buloke 70
  • Atriplex semibaccata 100



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